I bought a pair of orthotics with my son and we both have been very pleased with the fit and service. After our purchase I bought 2 pares for my wife and they all fit perfectly too.

My son broke one of his and it was quickly replaced at no cost so Dr. Goldston really stands behind his work with the warrantee. I have a pair of Orthotics from a local doctor but they wanted $600 to purchase another pair.

For the cost, I could buy 3 sets from Dr's Orthodics and keep them in each of my pairs of shoes and never even need to move them. I would strongly recommend Dr.s Orthotics especially with the warantee.

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Komoka, Ontario, Canada #443580

Just don't complain - you won't get your money back even though he tells you he'll send it


Hey Dms2222, you sound so bitter, calling me a liar. Sorry you feel that way.

I live in CT....Never ben to San Diego or know Dr. Goldston so I feel no need to defend myself but for personal integrity.

Would you you like me to photograph the orthotics and send them to you? Give me you email address...


You lie!

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