I have had feet pain for years, especially since I added a few pounds. I looked into orthotics, and came across Doctor's Foot Labs.

I am SOOOOO glad I did. I ordered a set of inserts, and fell in love with them! I now have a set in 3 different sets of shoes. My business partner has 3 sets himself.

My brother and my wife both have sets. My brother has a defect in one of his feet. He would never believe that orthotics could help him.

I bought him a set for a gift, he loves them. I highly recommend calling them to solve your foot pain.

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Komoka, Ontario, Canada #443893

This company has an F rating with the BBB - don't order anything from them!!!


Dr Goldston's orthotics are great! I work as a Federal Firefighter in Hawaii and am on my feet sometimes all day.

His orthotics have taken the aching away from long periods of being on my feet. I also use them in my turn out boots and in my running shoes. I just ordered 2 more so that I can start with fresh ones for my new boots I just ordered! The running shoe versions are just great as well!

Great follow up which i really appreciate even though I don't order every time he catches up with me! Thanks!

to Jonathan Parker Temecula, California, United States #656352

Pros: thin, light great material used and well done, good customer service and prompt response

Cons: none.

I ordered a pair of orthotics from Dr. Goldston (Doctors Orthotics) because I was going to participate in a race in San Francisco( from the bay to the Ocean) on Sunday the 19th, I received them 4 days before the race I wear them almost every day. The materials used by Doctors Orthotics is great the carbon fiber TL -2100 is strong and really provide support for your arch , the top cover is a great material that provide shock absorbing , the bottom cover is strong and provide protection to the orthotics it also has a rough surface that will grab the interior of the shoes so the orthotics stay in place and it won’t move , however I found that Dr. Goldston focus on making sure that the orthotics are thin and light more than he focus on the fact that those orthotics meant to provide support and shock absorbing . and to be honest they are thin , light that you can have two of them on top of each other in a dress shoes without any problem, both of my orthotics need to be raised the arch support for 1/8 “ . The good news is I emailed Dr. Goldston and he agreed to raise them for me which something worth mentioning in this review. Because many of the manufacturers I dealt with before: won’t even answer your emails or you phone calls once you place your order.

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